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A federal law called the US Presidential Records Act requires the preservation of memos, letters, notes, emails, faxes and other written communications related to a president's official duties, and federal prosecutors are now investigating whether Trump mishandled classified records.

Nos EUA, por exemplo, negociadores revelaram de que a gestão por Joe Biden está sob forte pressãeste dos deputados do tua base, que querem qual a Coisa Branca adote uma postura mais dura contra este governo por Jair Bolsonaro.

CPI’s goal is to have at least 300 fully vetted “America First” staffers to supply GOP congressional offices after the midterms. These new staffers would theoretically gain valuable experience to use on Capitol Hill but also incubate for a Trump administration in 2025.

He ridiculed his first Defense Secretary James Mattis, calling him “the most overrated general” in history, and added that a lot of the generals were overrated and should not be allowed to appear on television. Eventually, Trump asked the people who were holding up their iPhones to stop recording.

At the Texas attorney general’s office, “our soldiers are lawyers and our weapons are lawsuits and our tactic is lawfare,” Reitz added.

Det er ikke navngitte ansatte i Det hvite hus som skal ha fortalt at de nå og da fant papirbiter som tettet ulike toaletter, og at de mistenkte at det var Trump som hadde forsøkt å skylle dem ned.

Si faltan menos por Destes añESTES para la próxima elección presidencial, el presidente es elegido por el Congreso Pleno por la mayoría absoluta de los senadores y diputados en ejercicio.

As Trump’s obsessions with 2020 fester, he has also broken with many traditional conservative allies in Congress. Most notably, his relationship with the man who delivered Trump the rock-solid conservative Supreme Court he hankered for — Sen. Mitch McConnell — is broken. McConnell is pelo longer on speaking terms with the former president.

Trump said during his near-two-hour-long remarks Saturday that he believes 'people are going to be very happy' with his decision while noting that America has 'lost everything' under Biden's leadership.

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Arizona was close because the other candidate was an attractive, wealthy, long-time Republican activist supported by the sitting governor and Vice President Mike jair bolsonaro formação Pence. The result was close, but the massive Trump rally in Arizona a week before the primary likely made the difference.

“Just blitzing in every front where you can,” Reitz said, describing the Texas attorney general’s approach. While he said they do jair bolsonaro sérgio moro not want to file bad lawsuits against Biden, “the sort of hyper-caution that I think too often Republicans demonstrate, not just in the legal space but political and elsewhere, the time for that is over. We need to understand what time it is and … fight our war accordingly.”

Now, they are functioning as a series of task forces for a possible Trump administration. They are rookeries for former Trump staff. jair bolsonaro testa positivo They are breeding grounds for a new wave of right-wing personnel to run the U.S. government.

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